Discover, Experience, and Share the World of Immersion with your loved ones!

Do you want to offer your family an experience that’s more than just going to the movies or sitting in front of the TV?

melt museum is the place where your children not only watch but also become a part of the immersive world! 🎨🔮

🌈 What Sets Us Apart?

🤸‍♀️🎶👀 Video Game-Like Immersion: Forget the ordinary world and immerse yourself in interactive installations that engage all your senses.

🤠🪐 Not Just for Adults: Our „Artificial Dreams” exhibition is perfect for the whole family. Let your children become little explorers in an environment that stimulates their creativity and curiosity!

📸✨ Create Memories: Experience, photograph, and share unique moments with your kids on social media.

💫 Safe and Innovative: We are the first in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe in interactive museum of immersive experiences.

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