About the Creators

The multisensory experience at the melt museum is created by the award-winning duo MELT IMMERSIVE, known for their work at Atelier Des Lumieres in Paris, Ars Electronica in Linz, and collaborations with artists such as PRO8L3M, Hania Rani, Dawid Podsiadło, Sokół, Empire of the Sun, Bebe Rexha, and Troye Sivan, as well as brands like Disney, Netflix, and Versace.

Melt Immersive is comprised of Kuba Matyka and Kamila Staszczyszyn, a duo of creators and directors recognized in the NewEurope100 ranking of the most innovative creators in Europe, as curated by the Financial Times. They also secured the 4th place in the list of the 50 Most Creative People in Business.

Their work garners attention through a distinctive audiovisual approach, where vibrant, lively imagery engages all the senses of the audience. By creating interactions that go beyond the conventional perception of a given medium, they push the boundaries of audience experience, technology, and the creative process. They continually experiment with art and technology, employing novel forms of interaction and engagement with viewers. In unexpected ways, they blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds.

Selected awards


Financial Times’ 2017 list of
the most innovative changemakers

10 x KTR

Design / Craft / Communication


1 x Europe, 6 x Poland

Innovation Award

Innovative Experience – Event

Adweek’s Grand Arc

& Best use of VR


Staff Pick Feautre


6 x Best of the Month

Adobe Design Achievement

4 x Award


„The Best of Polska”


( 2022 - ∞ )

melt.ai – an ongoing experimental AI art project that started in the summer of 2022. It encapsulates a daring exploration of generative AI’s uncharted capabilities. By harnessing artificial intelligence, the artists forged a new frontier in visual aesthetics, culminating in trippy, transformative video productions. The work, characterized by innovation and collaboration, challenges traditional boundaries and positions AI as not merely a tool, but a creative partner, achieving both social media acclaim (144k followers & over 25 mln views) and international recognition.

( 2018 - 2023 )

TURBULENCE is an ongoing series of immersive experiences and artworks created for large-scale, high-resolution media environments that embosom the viewer in digital flow of particles.

TURBULENCE : DEEPSPACE is a triptych that premiered during Ars Electronica festival (2018) in the DeepSpace8K venue. It’s a set of visual experiments on particles simulated in different virtual environments.

( 2020 - 2021 )

MOMENTS  is an immersive, audiovisual art piece capturing the ephemeral nature of moments in time, inspired by the impressionism art movement.

It’s a sensory journey into the abstract, fleeting moments influenced by the greatest masters of lights and shadows. A relaxing, meditative work that immerses guests in a constant flow of motion and explosion of colors.

It was exhibited as a part of the Impressionism exhibition in Atelier des Lumieres in Paris.

( 2022 )

MELT IMMERSIVE forged an immersive art experience, bridging mind, emotion, and technology, collaborating with Hania Rani, Dobrawa Czocher, and NETFLIX for the launch of the new sci-fi series Open Your Eyes.

Through the use of a brain-computer interface (BCI), the artists’ neural signals during performance were translated into real-time 3D animations, melding with visuals and projection mapping in Unreal Engine 4

The result is a captivating sensory journey that has earned accolades including 2x Webby, 4x INNOVATION, and 6x KTR, reflecting a bold exploration of modern artistic frontiers.

( 2019 )

In collaboration with rap group PRO8L3M, this pioneering immersive exhibition marked Poland’s first venture into experiential artentainment, sparking a trend of immersive pop-up experiences

Infused with interactive VR, projection mapping, and immersive installations, the exhibition offered an innovative sensory experience. The successful blend of technology and artistry earned recognition in lifestyle and music circles, along with prestigious awards such as MP POWER, INNOVATION, and 2x KTR Awards, highlighting a bold exploration of modern artistic frontiers.

( 2022 )

The immersive concert of the Mastercard duet transformed a musical performance into a fluid experience, bridging three stages with the audience immersed in a sea of lights and lasers. 

As the artists performed in turn, the crowd flowed between stages, guided by spatial audiovisual „transitions”, culminating in a surprise central stage where the artists united for a joint piece. 

This innovative event, for which we oversaw concept to execution, reimagines the concert experience as an interconnected exploration of space, sound, sight, and movement.

( 2020 )

The immersive pre-premiere of „ART BRUT 2” became a techno-odyssey into the vibrant era of the Polish ’90s. The gigantic post-industrial space was filled with lights and screens all around the audience. Spatial visualizations synced with the music, and references to lyrics flicker across the screens, enabling participants to explore the album from unique perspectives. This bold fusion of sound, sight, and space reimagines music listening as an immersive, interactive artwork.

( 2013 )

Our first large-scale installation, Wall of Wonders, emerges as a haven of hypnotizing relaxation within a technological landscape. Situated in the historically resonant Dom Słowa Polskiego, the piece offered a serene contrast to the now-abandoned surroundings. The Wall becomes a visual metaphor for contemplation, inviting visitors to pause and reflect amid the bustling convergence of art and technology, thereby transforming a post-industrial space into a meditative sanctuary.