The space of over 600 square meters will be filled with large-scale projections, interactive multimedia installations, and thematic conceptual areas, all interconnected through a multisensory experiential pathway that transports visitors to different worlds and engages them in a new adventure.

Artificial Dreams

26.10.2023 – ???

Immerse yourself in the world of immersive entertainment, where techno-utopia meets a cyberpunk vision of the future. Our first permanent exhibition, Artificial Dreams will take you to uncharted territories in the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence AI.

Discover interactive installations, incredible light effects, and unique projections. Each immersive space provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos and experiences.

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Past Exhibitions
See the exhibitions we have organized in our museum.


23.11 – 04.12.2023

PROXL3M EXPERI3NCE is, alongside the new album and concert tour, the most significant part of PRO8L3M’s decade-long jubilee. On November 23rd, at MELT in Warsaw, we will unveil a unique multimedia exhibition dedicated to the group’s history, combined with a pre-premiere listening of the new album. It will be filled with props and works related to the band’s history. Guests will have the opportunity to become a part of the PRO8L3M universe and listen to an audio guide recorded in collaboration with Spotify, the audio event partner.

Mastercard Music

26.09.2023 – 11.10.2023

Explore how music blends with technology and experience the vision of the future of entertainment. A unique, multisensory space will allow you to feel music in a distinctive way. Zone open from September 26th to October 12th.