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The duration of the experience is approximately 45-90 minutes.

Some individuals may be sensitive to loud sounds, flashing lights, geometric shapes, and patterns, and may have undiagnosed epilepsy or experience seizures while touring the exhibition or viewing visual content.

Artificial Dreams Opening Hours:
weekdays 12:00 – 20:30, weekends 10:00 – 21:00.

Before your visit, please familiarize yourself with the museum’s regulations and most frequently asked questions.

Artificial Dreams

Current exhibition

Immerse yourself in the world of immersive entertainment, where techno-utopia meets a cyberpunk vision of the future. Our first permanent exhibition, Artificial Dreams, will transport you to uncharted territories of the relationship between humans and Artificial Intelligence.

Secret Collab


Limited exhibition in collaboration with… pssst, it’s a secret! More info soon.

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